Jason Franks

...a graduate of the Douglas J. Aveda Institute in East Lansing Michigan, brings a true passion not only for hair and art, but people as well.

     With a background in Music and Theater, his flare for the dramatic and innovation quickly allowed his one-man-show to evolve into the production that has become: The Artisan Company,  a salon based on the premise that creative people need a home.  A home that can allow them to not only create and flourish, but to be surrounded by like minded peers who want to break boundaries and give their guests a unique experience that they can carry with them, all day every day.

     As an artist, Jason is a Professional Stylist and specializes in Hair Color.  From the beautifully natural to the avant garde, Jason has specific training in advanced balayage, ombre, color correction, vivid color application and he’s  always up for any challenge!  The best part of his job Jason says, is the reveal… and then the smile.