The Artisan Company's team of professional's are available for consultations to assess your hair and any style changes before your appointment.


Shampoo and Blow Dry included

Women’s Haircuts$25+
Men’s Haircuts$20+
Kids Haircuts$15+
Shampoo Style$20+
Color*$50+*Color Consultations are highly suggested
Color Retouch*$40+*Color Consultations are highly suggested
Partial Highlight*$55+*Color Consultations are highly suggested
Full Highlight*$80+*Color Consultations are highly suggested
Men's Color*$30+*Color Consultations are highly suggested
Balayage$65+*Color Consultations are highly suggested
Ombre$80+*Color Consultations are highly suggested
Double Process Color$100+*Color Consultations are highly suggested
Malibu Treatment$15+
Scalp/Hair Treatment$10+
Brow Wax$15+
Facial Waxing$5+

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Painting of the hair, giving a more sun kissed, natural color.  Achieves a softer look with less noticible regrowth lines.

The art of gradual blending of one hair color hue to another


Relax with Artisan

Chair Massage15 minutes: $2030 minutes: $35
Swedish Massage : Popular Massage Based on Relaxation and Stress Relief30 minutes: $4060 minutes: $7090 minutes: $100120 mininutes: $125
Therapeutic Massage : Massage Enhancing ones Health and Well-being30 min: $4060 min: $7090 min: $100120 min: $125
Reflexology : A system of Massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are Reflex Points on the Feet, Hands, and Head linked to every part of the Body30 min: $4060 min: $7090 min: $100120 min: $125
Craniosacral Massage : A gentle, Noninvasive form of Bodywork that addresses the bones of the Head, Spinal column and Sacrum. The goal is to Release compression in those areas which alleviates Stress and Pain30 min: $4060 min: $7090 min: $100120 min: $125
Reiki Therapy : A Healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel Energy into the patient by means of Touch, to Activate the Natural healing processes of the patient's Body and restore Physical and Emotional Well-being30 min: $4060 min: $7090 min: $100120 min: $125
Sports Massage : A form of Bodywork geared toward participants in Athletics30 min: $4060 min: $7090 min: $100120 min: $125
Hot Stone Massage : A Specialty Massage where the therapist uses smooth, Heated Stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the Body30 min: $4560 min: $8090 min: $115120 min: $140
LMNT Massage : Creative, Luxury Massage Based on New-Age Healing Principles and the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water90 mins: $130

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

Earth is ever-changing!  It is a cycle  of life the is constantly growing and receding.  Tapotement and compression techniques are used to reduce muscle tension, blood pressure, and heart rate while increasing circulation.  Gentle Stretches of passive and active motions are included to improve flexibility.  Patchouli and geraniumaromas promote healthy grounding.  Cleanse your liver and intestines with a delicious kale, ginger, and apple lemonade.

Air is an unseen, abundant force that nourishes both the conscious and subconscious minds.  Reiki works the same way.  It is a modality that harnesses the universal energy to activate the body’s natural healing process.  Combined with craniosacrale light palpations of the spine and skull sutures, a deep tranquility can be achieved.  Rose, geranium, orange, frankincense, ylang ylang and bergamot oils waft.  Golden turmeric milk helps to fight colds and depression.

Fire represents the passion of the soul and the love that embraces us.  This session will allow for a deep penetration of the muscular system by increasing circulation and relaxing the tissue fibers through the inviting heat of the stones.  The scents of clove, cinnamon, and lime fill the room for an uplifting, warming sensation.  Served afterward, is our fire power tonic to help you decongest and cleanse your sinuses.

The element of Water is the flowing presence inside all things living.  It soothes and rejuvenates.  A gliding massage that produces and overall feeling of well-being,  accompanied by a lymph drainage procedure that helps  guide the toxins out of the body by directing the fluid under the skin.  The smell of eucalyptus, lemon, vetiver and cedarwood provide a cool, refreshing ambiance.  Finish with a butterfly tea, an eastern Asian drink with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Be. Facial Spa Services at The Artisan Company Salon & Spa.

Be Serene with The Relaxing FacialThis 60 minute facial will allow you to come in and relax while rejuvenating your skin. After your hands are paraffin dipped, your work is done. Complete with PCA's clay-based Purifying mask and customized correctives based on your skin's needs, you will leave feeling oh-so-relaxed and completely glowing.$75
Be Energetic with The Express FacialA facial for those who wish to be pampered, but have a schedule to keep! A deep cleanse complete with hot towel service, moisturizing mask and hand massage will have you in and out while giving you that relaxed half hour.$45
Be Rejuvenated with Therapeutic MasksIf you're looking for a treatment more active than a relaxing facial, but not ready for a traditional chemical peel, one of these four different therapeutic masks may be just right for you! No matter what your skin care needs, to Hydrate, Revitalize, Clarify or Retexturize, the facial you want is right here.$75
Be Calm with The Busy Man's FacialFor the busy men out there, is a service complete with a hand and arm massage in addition to the treatment itself using steam to soften the stratum corium (top layer of skin) to help remove debris and dead skin cells as well as kill acne causing bacteria. Your service is completed with a cock-tail of corrective serums and gels to address your personal needs and finished with moisturizer and broadband sunscreen.$70
Be Bright with an Oxygenating Trio ServiceThis antioxidant therapy supports skin metabolism. The treatment is sure to leave your skin purified, glowing and radiant. $75
Be Brave with a Chemical PeelThey sound intimidating, but don't be afraid! Chemical Peels can show dramatic improvement in any of your skin care concerns. From hyperpigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles, or acne scarring, PCA's lie of five modified Jessner's peels or TCA peels, we can find the peel that is just right for you, and you will take home a post care kit to help in the process of your peel, included! (A $20 Retail Value.)$95
Be Detoxified with the Detox Deep Pore TreatmentAn excellent choice for any skin type, this treatment provides clarity and antioxidants to promote a clearer complexion.$70
Be Confident with a Body PeelBody peels while similar to chemical peels on the face, take longer to see results, only 25% of the body can be done at one time. Body peels on the arms and legs can be a helpful tool in battling hyperpigmentation (sun spots) on one's arms or legs.$60 and up
Be Fierce with Eyelash ExtensionsWhether your mascara is your only makeup or you have a modeling career that involves the application of frequent false eyelashes, you will fall in love with En Vogue's Eyelash extensions. Great as a finish for bridal makeup that will last after your honeymoon! A high maintenance beauty service, the application can take up to three hours but the results last until your lash falls out, in three to six weeks. Half Set (30 to 40 Lashes) $80Full Set (60 to 80 Lashes) $160
Be Smooth with a Waxing ServiceFace, Legs and more, our waxing services will help you look and feel your most confidentBrow, $15 | Lip, $12 | Full Face $35Full Leg, $45, partial $30 | Underarm, $25